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Brother Steven stands in a special office that the Lord is working in him. He has a teaching gift and he really has a great deal to do with the Prophet's office.

You're not usually going to see the preach on him. The teaching gift is going to be really strong. In fact, because of that gifting, what will happen is he will teach things beyond his intellect and beyond his experience because it comes by the Spirit. I've listened to him many times and thought to myself, he's saying a lot right now that is revelatory in nature. It's coming from the Holy Ghost.

- Rev. Jim Overbaugh


I have had the pleasure of knowing Steven for most of his life, and it has been a great joy to see him grow in faith and become the Man of God that he is today.


His parents have been very close friends of mine for many, many years, and they began imparting Biblical principles and Godly values to Steven from a very young age. Now he is anointed by God to share these wonderful lessons with others and to see their faith grow just as he has.


I highly recommend his ministry, and I’m confident that he will be a tremendous blessing to all who receive him.




Jerry Savelle

I was happy to learn that Steven Overbaugh is intensifying his itinerant work. Steven has a great background as a Bible student, a vital helper in Missoula Bible Church, and as a minister of God’s Word. I have every confidence that Steven will be a great blessing in every church that is fortunate enough to enjoy his ministry.

- Tony Cooke, Bible Teacher and Author

I am pleased to introduce Steven Overbaugh. I have known him for several years and observed him mature from a young boy to a full-grown integral man that is a servant of the Lord. He is a faithful example of a man in pursuit of ministry to change men and the world through the study of God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Rick Sharkey 

- Pastor of Spokane Christian Center in Spokane, Washington

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