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Steven Overbaugh is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Steven has a mandate to go throughout the United States, and abroad ministering to and teaching the Body of Christ in the local church.

The emphasis of the ministry is teaching of the Word and the demonstration the Spirit. The Word teaches and points us to the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God brings us revelation and demonstration of the Word of God.  

Steven Overbaugh's Story 

"As a young child, I knew I wanted to serve the Lord my whole life. I always knew I had the call of God on me with a desire to preach. I used to dress up and preach to my family in our home whenever I had the opportunity. I preached my first official message when I was 18 years old in a tent meeting in mid-July. I seemed to have a knowing that the Lord would take me all over the world for His purpose. I accredit who I am today and where I am today to two men I have sat under all my life ... Kenneth E. Hagin and my earthly father, James Overbaugh.


I met Brother Hagin when I was very young in a meeting he was conducting out in east Washington. My parents would take me to as many of his meetings as they could and I would sit and listen to him teach and minister out of his anointing. I still listen to him to this day. His books, videos, CD's, and even old tapes are still a great blessing to my life. I continue to learn from him and I minister in a similar way that he did because of association.


My dad, James Overbaugh, has been a mentor and a friend to  me all my life. There's never been a day gone by where he didn't point me to the Word. In every situation he's had me go back and find out what the Bible says. He would always tell me, "Find scriptures that cover your case." I've watched him in ministry and in life and I think I know better than anyone that he is a man of great faith. He taught me to never quit no matter how bad it seems or feels. I will always be grateful to him for his dedication to teach me.

"Looking back on my life so far, I see how the  Lord's hand has been on me, guiding me into this calling. The dreams and visions in my heart are coming to pass more and more."

-Steven Overbaugh 

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